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Currently we DO NOT have any miniature horses suitable for children.

Keep in mind that the companion minis that you see on airplanes, TV, and YouTube have been through many months or years of professional training. Because they are livestock, they are not a suitable substitute for a dog or cat; they need to be treated as livestock.  I'm afraid that social media and advertising might have you believe that minis can be kept in you house, train and babysit your kids, and bring you a beverage - wrong. Keep in mind that most minis weigh about 250 pounds, the size of an NFL Linebacker.  I don't recommend turning either loose in your house, JK :-)

Typical pricing for our pet miniature horses range from  $750 - $1,000.00, sold without papers. 

If you want your pet to love you, always treat them with respect.  Miniature horses do make great companion animals because of their gentle dispositions and intelligence.  Treat them well and they will be a best friend and companion for many years to come. 


Miniature horses can live 30+ years with the correct care.  Watch for changes in behavior daily, easier to prevent a problem rather than trying to cure one.

  • About $ 1.00 per day will keep a mini well fed.  Of course, this will vary on an individual basis.
  • Feeding a mini is not terribly expensive since they eat about 2 - 4 measuring cups of sweet feed a day.  A 50#  bag of top quality sweet feed is approx. $20.00 and that would last about 25 days.  The daily cost for sweet feed is $ 0.40. 
  • During periods of time where you have no pasture grazing available you need to give a mini  1 - 1.5# of grass hay morning and night.  A bale of hay weighs about 50 #'s at the cost of $ 10.00 per bale. Approximately $ .40 per day clean grass hay. 
  • One acre of quality pasture can sustain about 5 minis depending on the climate.  If kept on a dry lot instead of pasture their feed requirements will be different.
  • Always have a salt or salt/mineral available in the pasture or stall with your horse.
  • Plenty of water must always be available.
  • A horse needs plenty of exercise.
  • A horse that is too fat is just as bad as one that is too thin.   Check the ribs by gently pressing you fingers into their side.  If you can't feel the ribs, slowly taper the grain and hay ration down.  If the ribs are very easy to feel and are prominent, begin to slowly increase the amount of feed you give them.   They should have a nice fat layer over their ribs.  This test is especially important during the winter when they have a heavy winter coat.  They may "look" fine on weight but do the rib test.
  • They need the same vaccinations, worming and hoof trimming that a full size horse does.  If you would like more information on a recommended vaccination and worming program ask your vet.  I would also be happy to share the care we give our minis. 



Pet mini mare for sale

 HCM War Paint's Iris - Sweet and loving 2010 mare that will be an excellent and beautiful pet.  She has limited vision in one eye which prevents her from being a show prospect but she doesn't miss a thing. She has no other health issues or conformation defects.  Would be great with kids as a family pet.  She has foaled and had a beautiful pinto filly with perfect vision.  SOLD



 Starry Night - Star loves attention on her terms, especially if food is involved.  With a minimal amount of work she would be a nice family pet and is large enough to ride. No health  or conformation issues, just not very showy.  SOLD



HCM X-Caliber's "007" - 6/13/2007.  For those of you that are superstitious, being born on the 13th might give you an uneasy feeling.  Bless him, "007" had a difficult birth on June 13th and as a result has a slight limp which will keep him from showing; although, I have seen worse in the show ring.  He is currently a stallion but I prefer to sell him as a gelding. "007" shows no ill effects and runs and plays with the other stallions. Please keep his hooves trimmed on a regular basis, his limp becomes noticeable when out of balance.   (This price is as a gelding) SOLD


HCM Grand Slam Foaled 4-7-06, AMHA/AMHR registered, 33.75".  Easy going temperament and style will make him a delight for showing in halter or performance.  Gelded Mar 2010  SOLD



HCM X-Caliber's White Lightning - Beautiful 36" unregistered stallion with great pedigree. Foaled in 2005, yes he could be registered and shown with AMHR. Lightning is a very good prospect for VSE and combined driving events.  He hasn't been trained yet but comes from a long line of intelligent performance horses. He has a calm disposition and will walk up to you in a pasture.

HCM Navajo's X-Caliber x LWH Snicker's Tinkerbell



HCM War Paint's Bit O Honey - Would be a great mini for a child or adult.  Honey is a friendly mare that needs a loving home.  She doesn't mind it here, but would like more attention.  At 28" she is being sold as a pet due to her small size. SOLD



 HCM WAR PAINT'S CHARISMA (Landry's War Paint x HCM Playgirl's Princess) A proven producer of extreme motion.  Charisma is a homozygous black pinto, thus will always produce a pinto foal for you.  She has a very nice pedigree and will be a great broodmare or driving horse. Foaled in 2000.  An excellent choice for a beginner or amateur interested in training a driving horse.  Charisma would also be an excellent choice for a youth interested in riding; she is very intelligent and easy to work with. SOLD  Texas  


HCM Deal's Salsa - Friendly and easy to work with.  Foaled in 2000, Salsa is a young mature mare that enjoys giving and receiving attention.  Will make a great family pet. 



HCM Taos Blue - This is a very friendly mare that would be great with children.  We have tried to get her in foal and have not had any success. 




FOALED:4-30-2005, (Measures 30.75") Awesome action!  Sired by Little King's Almighty Buck and out of an X-Caliber's Little Navajo daughter out of NFC's Tiny Mite's Delight (Dam of HCM Navajo's Bold Idea - see our Champion page) Will be a very good performance gelding, very athletic.  $750.00  SOLD


Pintaloosa mini colt for saleHCM X-Caliber's Cock Robin AMHA/AMHR ( HCM Navajo's X-Caliber x Almost Heaven's Snowflake Princess) Cock Robin appears to have some gorgeous appaloosa spots starting on his rump.  He is named after his Grandsire, Shadow Oaks Cock Robin, a son of the legendary appaloosa Chianti.  (Foaled: 4-9-04) SOLD

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