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Sorry, all fillies have been sold.


The horses below have been SOLD but are retained on this site for quality and reference purposes.

HCM X-Caliber's Exhilaration - SOLD Texas                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  



Unbelievable motion, front and rear, stacked up for many generations.  If you like pinto miniature horses, Soft Touch is homozygous; she will always produce a pinto foal.



Beautiful arab type miniature HCM X-CALIBER'S UPTOWN GIRL

This filly has it all: great conformation, refinement and motion.  She has generations of quality breeding.  SOLD - TEXAS



HCM Buck's Angelique (Little King's Almighty Buck x Snicker's Thumbelina




HCM Fashionation's Olinda

SOLD - Netherlands


Beautiful Tovero miniature filly for sale


Will be close to 30" at maturity, gorgeous head and tovero coloration. SOLD - Florida



Miniature filly Jubilation

HCM WAR PAINT'S JUBILATION (Landry's War Paint x HCM Navajo's Mariah)

SOLD - Minnesota


Look at her now!!  Multiple Grand Champion Mare

Pintaloosa miniature filly for sale


This filly's dam has produced many halter and performance champions. SOLD - Florida


for sale miniature horse filly, Liberty Belle


Beauty, style and grace - awesome pedigree too  SOLD - TEXAS

Foaled: 4-20-05   (Height 30.5" measured in February 2006)

mini horse filly for sale - Peaches n CremeHCM X-CALIBER'S PEACHES N CRÈME   Very friendly, would make a great youth or beginners horse.


SOLD - Texas

Free Spirithock knee.jpg (21901 bytes)HCM DEAL'S FREE SPIRIT (Sooner State's Big Deal x HCM Play Girl's Tapestry) If you would like to add some Pizzaz to your harness competitions, this mare will do it!  She is a yearling but extremely powerful with an awesome trot.  Bueatiful short head with large eyes.  Big Deal goes back to the well known Paul Bunyan who passed on his powerful action.  Her dam goes back to Bond Showboy also passing on motion generation after generation.(Foaled: 5-2-03) SOLD  France


Jasmine extension.jpg (66947 bytes)HCM X-CALIBER'S PRINCESS JASMINE  (HCM Navajo's X-Caliber x HCM Playgirl's Princess) Beautiful homozygous pinto yearling filly sired by HCM Navajo's X-Caliber.

SOLD Texas


Miss Priss, mini horse.JPG (36242 bytes) HCM X-CALIBER'S MISS PRISS - How is this for a registration photo? This is how she looks just relaxed with her mom - not bad.  This is a gorgeous yearling filly sired by HCM Navajo's X-Caliber.  Look at the great length of neck, refined barrel and smooth body.  She is sure to be a show Champion!  Champion pedigree behind her: HCM Navajo's X-Caliber is out of Hartin's Flashy Tou4U ( AMHA Reserve National Champion Filly) sired by Bond ATOY4UC - AMHA National Grand Champion Senior Stallion, son of Bond Showboy. X-Caliber was sired by AMHA Reserve National Grand miniature horse.jpg (22970 bytes)Champion Senior Stallion and 12 time AMHA National Champion - X-Caliber's Little Navajo.  Navajo is a grandson of Bond Showboy. Quality pedigree - quality conformation. (Foaled 4/9/03, measured 29.75" 12-18-03) SOLD Washington State




Dawn Reg Lt ALT 0703.jpg (343259 bytes)

Golden Dawn Trot web.jpg (42130 bytes)

SOLD Netherlands



Multiple Grand and Reserve Championships




Honeysuckle trot.jpg (47973 bytes)HCM WAR PAINT'S HONEYSUCKLE ROSE  (Foaled:4-14-03, measured 28" on 12-18-03) Gorgeous little filly with lots of style.  Her dam is HCM Buck's Cameo Dove, an Almighty Buck daughter out of HoneyRose Reg Rt 0603 4web.jpg (90300 bytes)Soat's Lil Dove, producer of multiple National Champions.  Honeysuckle has a lovely short head with large eyes.   Check out the nice round hip.  Very good show prospect - gentle personality.  

SOLD - Australia


Madem 02 mini filly.JPG (203128 bytes)HCM WAR PAINTS MYSTIQUE  (Foaled 2002, 28.75" on 6/1/03)Elegant and refined - she has a Royal pedigree and the looks prove it.   Sired by Landry's War Paint and out of HCM Navajo's Mademoiselle ( 2 Reserve National Grand Champion parents:  X-Caliber's Little Navajo X Cross Country's Call Me Madam)  SOLD Netherlands



performance trot.jpg (40041 bytes) HCM WATERFORD'S PEPPER ANN - 2003 filly sired by Cross Country's Waterford and out of a Pepper daughter HCM I'ma Pepper ( Pepper X Bar B Platinum Pride) Awesome trot from this striking black pinto filly.  SOLD Texas



Tiny Miniature horse filly HCM BUCK'S LILIANNA (Foaled 4-25-2002, 28" on 12/18/03)  Elegant and diminutive little filly out of AMHA National Top Ten halter mare, HCM War Paints Summertime. Summertime's full sister produced this years AMHR National Grand Champion Senior stallion - HCM Thunderstruck. Lilliana Lili trot 4web.jpg (26541 bytes)was sired by AMHA National Top Ten halter champion Little King's Almighty Buck. You will also find in her pedigree AMHA National Top Ten halter Champions:  RLB's Indian Summer( an X-Caliber's Little Navajo daughter), Landry's War Paint and X-Caliber's Little Navajo.  

SOLD Cornwall, England


AMHA miniature filly.JPG (35089 bytes)HCM  DEALS MOSAIC MISS What more could you ask for in a filly - this Jewel is black pinto homozygous with magnificent action.  Many generations of black and homozygous pinto she is sure to add color and magic to your Taps trot Left.jpg (29633 bytes)breeding program, sired by Sooner States Big Deal. ( 2002 filly, 31.25" on 6/1/03)SOLD Washington State



HCMMini horse filly Frosty CHIEF'S FROSTY - Beautiful, stylish filly sired by HCM Navajo Chieftain and out of a Shadow Oaks Cock Robin daughter.  Chieftain is out of Reserve National Grand Champion - Cross Country's Call Me Madam and was Frosty a Mini horse filly trottingsired by Reserve National Grand Champion Senior Stallion -   X-Caliber's Little Navajo. Chieftain is multiple Grand and Reserve Halter Champion.  (F:4-21-01, Ht: 32.25" on 11-24-03) $ SOLD  Minnesota

 Champion mare at first show with 2 weeks training.


Miniature horses, elegant filly Sugar n SpiceHCM BUCK'S SUGAR 'n SPICE Beautiful bay roan appaloosa daughter of HCM Navajo's Fetish, AMHA National Top Ten Halter Champion and AMHA Futurity Champion, and sired by Little Kings Almighty Buck.  Wonderful motion in this dynamite package, beautiful short head with large eye.   Half brother out of Fetish, HCM Pepper's Elegant miniature horses filly Sugar n SpiceShaman, is currently showing and winning in the Northwest.  He's a National Top Ten halter Champion. (31.75" on 11-24-03)SOLD Colorado




mini horse mare SassafrasHCM NAVAJO'S SASSAFRAS- Upright Navajo daughter out of a War Paint daughter. Proving that our "Cross" of Navajo breeding back to War Paint daughters works as well as War Paint bred to Navajo daughters.  This mini horse mare, Sassafrasbeautiful bay filly can't be overlooked with her conformation and refinement.  Excellent motion. (F:4/9/01,  Ht:  33.5" 4/20/02)

SOLD Texas





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